DISA certifies DNSsec IPv6 appliance

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DISA certifies DNSsec IPv6 appliance
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DISA certifies DNSsec IPv6 appliance

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) has concluded that InfoWeapons SolidDNS meets the requirements to qualify as a certified IPv6-ready device, providing organizations with the ability to run an IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack Domain Name Service (DNS) from a single appliance.

SolidDNS also supports DNS Security (DNSsec), making it the only DNS appliance on the market that supports both IPv6 and DNSsec. The JITC certification is required for a product to be placed on the Defense Department's Approved Product List, which is used by defense, intelligence and other agencies.

“This is a prestigious certification given by the U.S. Defense Department,” said Lawrence Hughes, chairman and founder of InfoWeapons. “This particular certification was related to IPv6 interoperability, and the tests they used were primarily from the IPv6 Forum’s ‘IPv6-ready’ certification suite.”

งง กับ DNSsec คืออะไร _???

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Re: DISA certifies DNSsec IPv6 appliance
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DNS ที่มีการ sign digital certificate มาด้วย เพื่อป้อง DNS phishing/spoofing

หลักการก็เอา PKI ที่มีอยู่ มาผสมผสานกับระบบ DNS เดิม