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Using IP multicast, high-quality audio and video is distributed across the Internet2 backbone. In order for the service to work on your computer, your institution must have a multicast-enabled connection to Internet2, as well a multicast-capable local network to view the streams. In addition, a Java-enabled browser is required to receive and start the Video Furnace InStream™ viewer application.

Supported client platforms include Mac OS X, Intel Linux, and Windows 98/2000/XP. For specific hardware and software requirements, please visit the FAQ page. Please note that the C-SPAN2 stream has higher system requirements than those for C-SPAN.

This system works without installing special player software on your computer. Accessing this page through your web browser, you are able to launch Video Furnace services by clicking on the Tune in now! button below. A Digital Certificate will be presented which asks whether you will accept an application from Video Furnace. Granting permission to the certificate will allow Video Furnace software to determine your operating environment and deliver the appropriate Video Furnace InStream™ viewer. Click on the Tune in now! button and have a great viewing experience!!!

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