แนะนำ Gateway FXO ,FXS (์NGN Support)

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แนะนำ Gateway FXO ,FXS (์NGN Support)
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SAG1000 Gateway
 4-8 Ports FXS/FXO
 Cost-effective
 SIP Standard
 SIP TCP (For Lync server)
 NGN Network support

Main Feature
Easy to operate and maintain
SAG1000 supports both web-based and text-based configuration set up. Users can remote-ly upgrade the software, Capture Voice streaming/SIP message, change the configura-tion parameters, download log files.
High Interoperability
SAG1000 has passed the interoperability tests with many softswitch and gateway suppliers worldwide, such as Huawei,ZTE, Cisco, Alcatel, Lucent, Panasonic, NEC, Harris, Nortel, and open source hosted IPPBX asterisk.
FAX over IP (T.38/Pass-through)
SAG1000 support FAXT.38 as default. FAX T.38 is the preferred method for FAX over TCP/IP because it is more reliable and works well in most network conditions. Anyway, If the ser-vice provider does not support T.38, FAX pass-through mode may be applied.
Investment Protection
One main challenge of purchasing new IP-based voice equipment's is how to protect your investment. SAG1000 not only offers the best cost effectiveness but also supports the latest VoIP technologies and of the
standards. Users can take advantage newest VoIP technologies by upgrading SAG1000 software.
SAG1000 is a perfect product for the telecom carriers to provide the residential telephony, NGN,radio over IP and fax services through the IP networks such as MPLS, HFC, and ADSL. It can be connected to the traditional Radio sys-tem, PBXs to provide the voice solutions for Large enterprises, Government, and SME. It can also serve as a hotline service for remote terminal (peer-peer).
SAG1000 Gateway

For more information
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