CCNA Training Videos - The Cisco Learning Network

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CCNA Training Videos - The Cisco Learning Network
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   CCNA Training Videos - The Cisco Learning Network

Fundamentals of Network Device Communications This  three part CCENT/CCNA related e-learning series, stars one of our very own VIPs, Keith Barker. The series covers the definition and purpose of the OSI Reference Model, and how network devices use the communication rules defined by this and the TCP/IP protocol stack to exchange information. The series also includes demonstrations that show network devices actively communicating using TCP/IP and wraps up with a review game about the communication process.
This summer series will be available for viewing through the end of August, 2012. So view it now!
In this interactive series, you learn

  • The OSI Reference Model, including what it is and how it is used today
  • How common networking devices work together to transport data across a network using the TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Basic tools used to verify device connectivity

CCNA Training Videos จาก The Cisco Learning Network
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