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เริ่มเปลี่ยนแปลงเดือนมิถุนาครับ ???
ข้อมูลที่เขากล่าวมายังไม่ครบถ้วนครับ ก็ลองอ่านตามข้อมูลซึ่งผมดึงมาให้จาก FAQ ของ Microsoft Cert ครับ

Getting Started with Certification – FAQ

Certification Lifespan

The lifespan of a certification varies, based on certification track and certification technology. Some certifications will provide a recertification path to allow you to continuously hold the certification until the certification has been deemed inactive.

Note Certification policies vary by program and may change at any time.

    *      Learn how to receive college credit for Microsoft Certifications

Please refer to the following two tables for guidance on when a technical certification or Office certification may become inactive.

Technical Certifications
    Certification track    Date that certification becomes inactive
    Technology reached end of mainstream support¹ or 2 newer versions of technology in market    Recertification requirements not met    No Inactive Date policy at this time    Other
    Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA)             
    Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)             
    Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)             
    Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)             
    Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)             
    Microsoft Certified Master (MCM)             
    Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)       2       
    Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)             
    Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)       3       
    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)             
    Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)             
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)             
    Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)             4

    1Learn more about Microsoft support lifecycle policies
    2The MCPD Azure Developer certification requires that the recertification requirements are met or the certification will become inactive.
    3The Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator: Security on Windows Server 2003 plus recertification requires that the recertification requirements are met to maintain the certification as active.
    4To hold the Microsoft Certified Trainer certification, requirements must be met on an annual basis.

        *          View the annual requirements

Office Certifications
    Certification track    Date that certification becomes inactive
    Technology reached end of mainstream support¹ or 2 newer versions of technology in market    Recertification requirements not met    No Inactive Date policy at this time    Other
    Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)             
    Microsoft Office Specialist Expert (MOSE)             
    Microsoft Office Specialist Master (MOSM)             

    1Learn more about Microsoft support lifecycle policies

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  How long will the certification be valid?

A.  Today, most of our Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certifications retire when Microsoft discontinues mainstream support for the related technology. The certification will still appear on your transcript but will be listed in an inactive section with an expiration date. In most cases, an upgrade path, which allows candidates to earn the certification with fewer exams (usually one), will be available for individuals who hold the certification on the previous version of the technology.

The legacy Microsoft certifications, such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), currently do not expire, but some may no longer be awarded because all exams are retired or because Microsoft has ended extended support for the technology. In most cases, individuals who hold the certification on the previous version of the technology can earn the certification on the next version of the technology with one upgrade exam.

To maintain the relevance and value of our certifications and ensure that candidates possess up-to-date skills on technologies that are constantly changing, recertification may be necessary for some certifications. In these cases, the certification will remain valid as long as the candidate continues to recertify at appropriate intervals.

Note that Microsoft reserves the right to change these policies at any time.

Q.  How does Microsoft determine when a certification is inactive?

A.  A certification is deemed inactive for one of the following reasons:

    *      The certification has been retired due to the technology being out of mainstream or extended support
          o            Learn more about Microsoft support lifecycle policies
    *      The certification has been retired because there are two newer versions of the technology in the market
    *      The certification has expired due to the recertification requirements not being met
          o            Not all certifications require recertification, and recertification dates may vary by certification
    *      Microsoft has determined that this certification is no longer relevant in the marketplace

      We evaluate each certification based on all of these reasons and determine the best inactive date for each certification. If the inactive date is based on the Microsoft technology mainstream or extended support date, the dates may change to reflect the most current date found in the Microsoft lifecycle website.
          o Visit the Microsoft lifecycle site

Q.  How do I know which criteria were used to determine the inactive date?

A.  For those certifications you have achieved, you will see the inactive date on your transcript. If an inactive date does not exist, review the preceding table to learn about the general policy for the certification track. In the case where the certification is due to retire based on technology support end dates, you can view the latest dates on the Microsoft lifecycle site.

    *      Visit the Microsoft lifecycle site

Any changes to these policies or certifications that do not follow the preceding guidelines will be updated on this website.

Q.  What happens when a certification becomes inactive

A.  When a certification becomes inactive, it will be moved to the inactive section in your transcript. You will continue to have access to the benefits given to you as part of the Microsoft Certified Professional program. However, we do recommend that you keep your skills up to date by getting certified on the latest technology.

Note These policies may be updated or changed at any time. Microsoft will provide details of any changes by updating this FAQ. Major changes in policy will be announced through our websites and our blogs.

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เริ่มเปลี่ยนแปลงเดือนมิถุนาครับ ???

ไม่ใช่ มันจะหมดอายุตาม product ที่ ms เลิก support หรอครับ

ไม่ใช่ มันจะหมดอายุตาม product ที่ ms เลิก support หรอครับ

ตามที่ผมอ่าน ก็คิดอย่างนั้นครับ

แต่กำลังสงสัยว่าถ้ามัน inactive แล้วใน transcript เราจะมันจะโชว์หรือเปล่า (เห็นบอกว่า moving to inactive section)


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ทุกสิ่งย่อมมีการเปลี่ยนแปลง เคลื่อนไหว
เป็นบาง Product ไม่ใช่ทุก Product ครับ

เช่นวันนี้ผมมี MCSE base on MS 2003 Server แล้วผมไม่พัฒนาตนเองไป version ที่ทันสมัย ทันเทคโนโลยีขึ้นเลย
แล้วจะเอา Cert. 2003 ไปอ้างอิงในอีก 10 ปีข้างหน้าคงไม่มีประโยชน์อะไร
แต่ถ้าผม update exam ตามเงื่อนไขของ MS ไปเรื่อยๆ 1 exam, 2 exam
เจ้า MCSE ใบเดิมของผมมันก็ไม่ได้หมดอายุครับ มันยังอ้างอิงต่อไปได้ตามการ update นั้นๆ

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